Frequently asked questions

How much does delivery cost and how does it work ?

The delivery costs depend on the weight of your package, it is managed by GLS and is charged as follows: 0-1 kg: 5,60 €.
1-2 kg : 5,90 € (€)
2-3 kg : 6.30 € (€)
3-4 kg : 6,31 € (€)
4-5 kg : 6.63 € (€) It allows the customer to receive his parcel between 24/48h, with a detailed follow-up by e-mail. The day before the delivery of your parcel, even if you have mentioned an address, a sms will be sent to you to confirm your presence at the delivery address. If you are no longer available, the parcel will be delivered to the place of your choice, mentioned via the sms, without additional charges.

Where and how are your products made ?

Our products are made in France, in a Parisian laboratory. We have carefully selected the ingredients for each recipe to create a delicious, healthy and beneficial product. Our products are 100% organic, gluten-free and French.

What to do with the packaging once I've received my products ?

Our personalized shipping packages are made of recycled cardboard and are recyclable. You can reuse them or sort them in your yellow garbage can. Our bags, once devoured, are compostable and recyclable, so you can choose the option that suits you best.

Why did we choose these ingredients ?

BAKING SODA Often referred to as an old remedy, we all agree on its undeniable virtues for our digestive system. Baking soda is a component of every living organism on earth. We all have bicarbonate naturally in our bodies and its importance is not the least, since it helps to balance the blood PH level. It gives your pastries or preparations a softness and an exceptional swelling. In cooking, bicarbonate is useful to make a cake batter light and easy to digest, and also to replace baking powder. OLIVE OIL You can use olive oil without any problem to make your pastries, they will not have the olive taste because under the effect of heat, olive oil loses its olive smell which can be unpleasant, especially in pastries. The oil loses its smell but not its properties and the cakes made with this oil gain in flavor and especially in softness. CINNAMON Cinnamon is an excellent natural appetite suppressant. If you feel a craving, inhale cinnamon powder, stick or essential oil (do not put the nose too close because the essential oil can irritate the fragile or allergic mucous membranes). COCONUT SUGAR It has a low glycemic index, between 25 and 30, while white sugar is around 70. The glycemic index is an interesting element to take into account when making food choices. In the long term, the ingestion of foods with a high glycemic index is responsible for hyperinsulinism, the exhaustion of the pancreas and glucose intolerance. In other words, it's the beginning of trouble and type 2 diabetes. It is an ecological sugar, in the vast majority of cases it comes from organic farming unlike white sugar. Coconut sugar is grown by hand and does not require the addition of chemicals, bleaching agents or synthetic additives. In addition, the harvesting of coconut blossom sugar does not destroy the tree since only the ripe flowers are used. The coconut tree remains intact. Coconut sugar is a significant source of micro-nutrients. It contains vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorus. It also contains the majority of essential amino acids and is well positioned in the ranking of foods rich in antioxidants. While white sugar contains only empty calories, apart from calories, white sugar contains nothing, neither vitamins, nor minerals, nor anything useful for health. Coconut sugar is perfectly suitable in case of colopathy and intestinal sensitivity, it does not ferment like most other sugars. It is perfectly suitable for the FODMAPS diet and does not cause any particular digestive discomfort. SWEET POTATO The sweet potato is an ingredient appreciated by athletes and all those concerned about staying healthy. Contrary to what one might think, the sweet potato does not belong to the potato family. The sweet potato is a concentrate of nutrients, it is composed of vitamin A, vitamin B6, B9, copper, manganese, it is full of fiber. It is a good antioxidant. It has a good fiber content, the digestion is favored as well as the assimilation of nutrients. It is an ingredient to be favored for people who want to eat healthy. The sweet potato flour for the line, it brings a feeling of satiety more than interesting for the people who seek to lose weight by paying attention to their food. The sweet potato flour is ideal for the sportsmen to fill up with carbohydrates, already substituted to the wheat flour to keep a rather low rate of fat mass. It has a low glycemic index and anti-inflammatory properties. It also becomes the ally of people intolerant to gluten. Sweet potato flour is also an excellent support for people suffering from diabetes, thanks to its low glycemic index. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)